Monday, 22 September 2008

A Collection of Stitching

Hi again. Well, after the excitement of the first post, Toto and I were pooped. I think we were both still dreaming about the blog as he kept muttering now and then through the night.

While I am still working on being better acquainted with our digital camera so that I can show the stitching in a better light, so to speak, here is a photo of part of my 'collection'. Half of the pieces were stitched this year, and the remaining from previous years. My DH helped me 'compose' the final arrangement. They are set up in our little entrance way and I can see them from my favourite reading chair!

Starting from bottom left and going clockwise:
BBD - Their Song (2008)
BOAF - No Bees No Honey (2002)
Hillside Samplings - Seasonal Samplings (2003)
BBD - Bluebird Message (2008)
BOAF - Peace (2008)
BOAF - Happy Hearts Sampler (2003)

It was nice to finally have enough pieces to make this collection. I still have other framed pieces elsewhere, but it was the first time I could put a few together that complement each other.

One thing I do want to mention, before I say good-night, is to acknowledge and thank the French artist Gaelle Boissonnard. She is the creator of the illustrations of the pretty girls you see on the blog. I had bought her 2007 calendar, and the girl with the snowdrops was Janvier 2007! I bought a card with the girl blowing the bubbles, and had it framed this year. I love her artwork. I goggled her name but she doesn't appear to have a website, but lots of fans, including moi! I am looking forward to her 2009 calendars!

So for now, Bonne Nuit! Toto is already snoozing after a day of chasing squirrels.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your collection of stitched pieces look great together. These are all favorite designers of mine too. I have had the BOAF No Bees No Honey in my stash for years. I may actually put it in line to stitch after seeing yours. Happy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

Lelia said...

fabulous collection!! I have happy hearts started -- have Peace in my stash (along with Bitter Flower, and others) Excellent display : )

Cathy B said...

Hi Melissa - me again. Now I'm reading your blog from the very beginning!

Oh my - what a beautiful collection of samplers! I have some of these in my stash to stitch!