Monday, April 14, 2014

A busy week

Good Monday morning to you! Thank you for all your kind words, good thoughts and prayers to my friend and her husband. They are much appreciated. 

Last week was a busy and fun one. First, a picture walk along a part of Granville Island. 

That was just a quick visit down to Granville Island specifically to go to the art supplies store. I started a new painting class last week so I was armed with a supply list! There wasn't much time to meander as I had the chauffeur (DH) with me!

Now onto some stitching. I received some lovely goodies from my friend Paula of Kelmscott Designs. They are wonderful but my favourite has got to be those cute scissors! Thank you, Paula! 
Here is some progress on Seven Sheep. The tree is done! 
Paula and I were chatting about a stitching "bucket list".  Let's say you have 20 good years left to do stitching and you could stitch one big thing a year. What would be your top 20 items?  I would love to see this on your blog. 

When Paula asked me the question, I actually spent some time hauling out and making that list. I know the list will change (and it has changed slightly since I shared it with Paula!). 
  1. Ann Hull
  2. Sarah Chapple
  3. Anne Hall
  4. Sarah Woodham
  5. Susan Rambo
  6. Jean Rattray
  7. A Yuletide Welcome
  8. 1837 Crown Sampler
  9. Jane Pattison
  10. Rachel Howells
  11. Mary Tillinghurst
  12. Christina Cathcart
  13. Needleworker's sampler
  14. Jane Tindall 
  15. Maria Lambooy
  16. Martha Rogers
  17. Christmas Garden
  18. Ann Grant
  19. John Foster
  20. Katrine Thomsen
What do you think? Let's see your list! 

I have lots of gardening photos but I will save those for next time. I will close by showing you our neighbours' magnolia starting to bloom, and the purple azaleas on our side. Spring is just my favourite season - Nature putting on a fashion show!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope this nice weather sticks around! More gardening today! Have a great week!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Counting Sheep

Happy Monday to you! I will jump right in and show you my progress on the Seven Sheep Sampler. 

I am using Vintage Sand Dune linen and the colour is a lot darker than what you see in the photos. In the lower left hand of the first photo you will see my "test patch" as the Italian Gold silk was not showing up too well. This is not evident in the photo but, trust me, the colour just melts into the linen so I am choosing various floss that I have on hand as a replacement. 

I am so enjoying this sampler it's hard to put it down but evidence of my enthusiasm is showing up in the form of a stiff neck! So I gotta take more breaks. I just noticed this last photo is not that clear. Sorry about that. I took the photos using my phone so maybe my hands were not so steady on that last one. 

I was contacted by a new blogger last week, Frances of A Symphony of Stitches. Please visit Frances and have a look at her wonderful ornaments! 

I am a bit heavy-hearted today.  I have a good friend whose birthday is a few days before mine and we always have a small celebration together. We got together today after not having seen each other for a few months. Her husband has terminal cancer so it was a somber catch-up.  

I will leave you with some beautiful cherry blossoms casting their magic over our fair city.
Thanks for stopping by. Give those close to you an extra hug today! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Finally - last of the Smalls

Good morning! It's end of March and end of the first quarter of 2014! I am looking forward to some nicer weather in April to really get into some serious gardening!

So, finally, it's the last part of showing you the Smalls that I had finished. I think you must be sick of them! ;-) But this contains some of my favourite pieces. Here we go. 

We start with a sweet little red bird from Pin Pokes by Homespun Elegance. I am sure I will be stitching this one again!
This next one is a freebie from the Primitive Hare. Love the design! I tried doing the buttonhole stitch - didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but I kept saying to myself "it's the prim look!"
Here it is with the backing fabric which I used for the little red bird design too. 
The next two finishes come from one design, "Key to my heart" by Pineberry Lane. I split the design into two to make smalls and I modified the design slightly to suit myself. I love Wendy's designs and want to stitch more of them this year!
Here's a peek at the background fabric. I wanted that large rose right smack dab in the middle of the back, and I got it.
You can see this design has benefited from the scissors in the Pin Pokes design. I was inspired by Wendy's design here. I love the linen I used - a remnant I picked up years ago called Americana. I hope I can find another piece somewhere online. It's a lovely blue-grey colour. 

I had so much fun with the smalls. I have since stitched a few more but I will wait till I have finished them to show you.

In the meantime I have just received my order of The Seven Sheep Sampler by The Scarlett House. I'm so glad I ordered this new release when I did instead of waiting till my birthday as it probably took a month. Now this will be my birthday stitch. It's a BIG one so it will take me many weeks, I'm sure. I am tweaking the floss a bit because I am using a piece of linen from my stash. I should have some photos on my next post. It's kind of crazy, I've gone from stitching smalls, to probably the biggest stitch (292 x 388) I've tackled yet!

Till next time...Happy Stitching! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Smalls, Part 2 - Christmas themed

Hello, lovely people! Where has the week gone? This will be a quick post with lots of photos to show you my next batch of finishes, with a Christmas theme.  The first two are Blackbird Designs, followed by two from Birds of a Feather.

I have to confess this lot is not quite as interesting as I would have liked as I ran out of jingles/charms. I promise, next week's batch will be more interesting.

By the way, question for you - Where do you buy your jingles, charms, trims online? It's been awhile since I've bought any and now I have to top up my cupboard, so to speak.

I have another new finish to show you, literally fresh off my scroll frame.  This is Beggars Christmas from Threadwork Primitives. I just love this design. This will go into my finishing pile for a later date.
Spring has sprung here but it's still quite cool. We've had rain and sun and more rain is forecasted for the rest of the week - perfect weather for stitching! ;-)

So, end of fly-by post! Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's a Small(s) World After All - Part 1

Hello, all you lovely people! It's been awhile. I took a break from posting but I was happily, busily STITCHING!  Am I shouting? Well, just a bit; just gleefully happy (hopping from one foot to the other) that I have A LOT of finishes to show you at last!  I will break them up to make up 3 posts but here you will get an idea why. 

Count'em - Twelve! Yippee! And I have 3 more but they are gifts so I'm not showing them until they've been received. Here are the backs of the twelve pieces I've been finishing ALL week long! 
I'll start with a little piece is called "Buzzzz" by Bent Creek. I've had this little design for years and I'm so glad I finally got a chance to stitch it. I added 3 little rusty bells in the corner. The backing fabric is what you see in the lower left hand corner above. (For some reason I couldn't load the photo with the actual backing fabric shown with my stitched piece.) 
The next piece is a portion of "Beneath the Sunlit Sky" from Blackbird Designs.  Back in 2009 I had stitched it for an exchange. I had loved that piece and it was hard to let it go! I told myself I would stitch it again some day. 

So here it is. I actually had a different finish at first, without the top portion and the bottom pink fabric much 'longer' then added a chenille trim. I didn't like it. Too bad I had forgotten to take a photo of that. Well, I ripped it all up and came up with this, which I think is more 'balanced' and I am happy with it.

The next one is "Pray for Peace" by Birds of a Feather. I modified the design slightly. See the brown ribbon? I save scraps of things like a magpie and I've been wanting to use it forever. I like it here. 
The final piece of this post is a modification of the lovely design "Ghoul Tidings" by Plum Street Samplers.  I had a smaller piece of fabric (greenish that doesn't show up well in the photo) and wanted to use it for this. It's perfect but the piece was too small for the original design so I made the design smaller for myself. 

So, that's enough for this post. I'll come back with another 4 in a few days. (Note this is my sneaky way to get more posts in!)

While I was taking photos of my stitching one day, Daisy was near by.  Now usually when I try to take a photo of her, she hears the camera readying to click and she'll move. This time, while I was busy doing something else she actually called to me and rolled over for this pose. No kidding! I was quite surprised how ham-my she's become!  
Spring has arrived here, precisely last Tuesday. No, not according to the calendar. According to my sinuses! I was sneezing up a storm. That's how I know Spring is here! We've had some lovely warm sunny days but we have had some stormy ones too, like yesterday and today. I know some of you are still having some mean winter weather. I hope warmer winds come your way soon! 

Thank you for your visits. I do appreciate and enjoy reading your comments. Have a great week and Happy Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snowy Sunday

Hello! It's a wee bit of a snowy day here today. I'm sure the skiers are delirious with joy as we haven't had much snow in our local mountains this season. Pretty.
I love a snowy Sunday! 

This is where I got to with my Weeping Tree Sampler a couple of days ago but I had to take a break. I was not loving it and was frogging too much.
Thank you for your lovely comments about my finishes on my last two posts. They have encouraged me to stitch (and later finish) more smaller designs! Since I needed a break from the sampler I decided to stitch some smalls, starting with  gifts for some well deserving friends.  Hopefully next week I will have a couple of non-gift smalls to show you too.

Now while it's snowy outside I have a couple of small orchids blooming inside! 

And here's another character quite content to be inside today! Julius is checking to see if the snow will stop soon! 
I think we are all waiting for Spring!

Well, I'm going to head back to stitching my gift if I am going to get them out in the mail soon! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Two birds with one post!

I thought it a good day to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and also post the rest of my finishes. 

We shall start with the theme of the day - this is" Love" by Birds of a Feather. 

On the back I decided to first glue down a heart with some leftover blue chenille trim then secured it with thread, followed by the little heart charm. Fun!
This is "Love of Myn" by Barbara of Mainely Stitching. I stitched this a few years ago when Barbara was selling this design via PDF. It's so cute. I'm so glad I finally got around to finishing it! 

This is "Comme un Oiseau" by Tra La La. I finished it with a pretty purple silk ribbon from Nina's Threads.  She had sent me this piece when I bought some threads from her a couple of years ago. Perfect complement to the purples in this pillow. 
The backing is, once again, fabric gifted from my friend Ann of Beadlework

Here is my disaster piece. I sprayed this with walnut ink and I haven't done much else with it. The floss is not colorfast so I wasn't sure what more I should try! The design is Bluebird by Blackbird Designs. 
See here, how much nicer it looked before the disaster? Oh well, live and learn. At least it was a small piece and can be re-stitched. 
Finally, here is the 'bowl' of pillow finishes:
That's it for this post. Sorry, but now I have to rush off to my yoga class! Have a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by!